Bidayat Group
Bidayat Group


Bidayat collaborates with exceptional creative individuals and brands that are looking to build the next generation of ventures in consumer industries.

With a focus on fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty and wellness, we provide early-stage and growth investments typically ranging from $0.5M to $10.0M, in a single or multiple rounds over the lifetime of the investment, preferably as a majority shareholder.

Bidayat Group

Our investments are the beginning of a strategic partnership with our portfolio companies. We invest in ventures where we believe Bidayat can have a positive impact on growth, expansion, brand positioning and technological change.

In addition to funding, we provide strategic guidance, operational support and expertise in branding, marketing, business planning, supply chain, omni-channel distribution, e-commerce and sector-related technologies as needed.

Bidayat Group
Bidayat Group
Investment Criteria

Aspirational Brands

● Focussed on fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty, wellness

● Premium to luxury price points

● Strong brand DNA supported by outstanding brand narrative

● Identifiable product with clear USPs

Bidayat Group

Creative Entrepreneurs

● Emerging talent or established talent at an inflection point of their career

● A market or thought-leader in their respective field

● Exceptional creative vision with a unique proposition

● A drive to build a differentiated, scalable business

Bidayat Group

Local to Global Stories

● A tried and tested product with commercial success locally

● Big potential to expand into global markets

● High growth trajectory with further expansion opportunities

● A business model supported by innovation in design & technology

Bidayat Group

Businesses of the Future

● A responsible business, mindful of creating a positive social impact

● A drive to build an ethically conscious and inclusive venture

● A growth mindset; ability to adopt to change

● Shared values, in line with Bidayat’s mission

Bidayat Group
Bidayat Group
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